Selected Publications and Regulatory Submissions in the public domain   - Dr Wilkinson as the author or main contributor:

New exotic fruits from Brazil and their use in soft drinks:
What health claims can be made in the EU from these novel foods?                    

J A Wilkinson and K Trench                                                                                            

Soft drinks International,  30 - 34, March 2017


The new EU Novel Foods Directive and its impact on producer countries: Spotlight Brazil.

 J A Wilkinson

Soft Drinks International: (March/April), 32-34. 2016.


Cannabis, hemp and CBD oil new ingredients for the soft drinks industry?

J A Wilkinson 

Soft Drinks International: (November/December 2015), 42-44. 2015


Superfruits: A marketing ploy or the emergence of new scientific based drinks: super fruit mocktails?

J A Wilkinson

Soft Drinks International: Botanicals (December), 40–43, 2013


Synthetisch ingrediënt voor kauwgombasis (REV-7) Synthetic chewing Gum - Novel Foods Dossier via Dutch Regulatory Authorities
JA Wilkinson (Consultant, Herbal Sciences) 2009


Novel Food Approvals in Europe: Routes to Obtaining Regulatory Approval for Nutraceuticals in the EU
JA Wilkinson, M Hall
Nutraceutical Business and Technology 4 (4), 12 3 2008


Baobab Fruit: It comes from an upside down tree and could turn around the soft drinks industry
J Wilkinson, M Hall
Soft Drinks International, 26 8 2007


Baobab Dried Fruit Pulp – An application for Novel Foods Approval in the EU as a food ingredient
JA Wilkinson


Substantial Equivalence Application for the Approval of Astaxanthin.
JA Wilkinson 2004


Nature's Medicines: A Guide to Herbal Medicines and What They Can Do for You
R Digest Book : Consultant and main contributor/writer by Dr John A Wilkinson on behalf as Readers Digest
Readers Digest Association 2003 335 pages, Book ISBN: 0 276 42793 9

Natures medicines.jpg

Convenient preparation of aryl methyl and aryl phenyl sulfides from arenediazonium tetrafluoroborates and trimethyl (methylthio)-and trimethyl (phenylthio) silanes
GKS Prakash, D Hoole, DS Ha, J Wilkinson, GA Olah
Arkivoc 13, 50-54 4 2002


Herbal Medicines and Contraindications
JA Wilkinson
Chapter in the Book: The Avery Complete Guide to Medicines, 2001


New pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and industrial products: The potential for Australian agriculture
Authors and major contributors: D Michael, JA Wilkinson, E Lassak.
Barton, ACT, Australia: Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation 8 2000 ISBN: 0-642-58204-1


Horse Chestnut–Aesculus Hippocastanum: Potential Applications in Cosmetic Skin‐care Products
JA Wilkinson, AMG Brown
International journal of cosmetic science 21 (6), 437-447 35 1999


Complementary Medicine Research In Higher Education
JA Wilkinson
Complementary Therapies in Medicine 5 (4), 226-227 1 1997.


Activity of Tannins found in Traditional Herbal Medicine Plant Extracts
JA Wilkinson
Active Ingredients Conference, Le Palais Des Congres De Paris, Paris, France 1996.


Preparation of 1-fluoroglycosides from 1-arylthio and 1-arylselenoglycosides using 4-methyl (difluoroiodo) benzene
S Caddick, L Gazzard, WB Motherwell, JA Wilkinson
Tetrahedron 52 (1), 149-156 50 1996.


The Internet as a Research and Information tool in Herbal Medicine
JA Wilkinson
British Journal of Phytotherapy 4 (1), 34-45 4 1995.


Recent advances in the selective formation of the carbon-fluorine bond
JA Wilkinson
Chemical reviews 92 (4), 505-519 390 1992.


Friedel-Crafts phenylethylation of benzene and toluene with alpha-and beta-phenylethyl chlorides: pi-aryl participation in polarized donor-acceptor beta-phenylethylating complexes distinct from phenonium ions (sigma complexes).
GA Olah, S Hamanaka, JA Wilkinson, JA Olah
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 89 (3), 915-917 2 1992.


A concise method for the preparation of glycosyl fluorides via displacement reactions of 1-arylthioglycosides with 4-methyl (difluoroiodo) benzene
S Caddick, WB Motherwell, JA Wilkinson
Journal of the Chemical Society, Chemical Communications, 674-675 3 1991.


Observations on the Reaction of Dithioketals with para-lodotoluene Difluoride: A Novel Route to gem-Difluoro Compounds

WB Motherwell, JA Wilkinson
Synlett 1991 (03), 191-192 40 1991.