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Dr. John Wilkinson's Consultancy can be contacted here using the contact form below. Dr. Wilkinson's consultancy offers deep knowledge of natural products and botanicals with strategic and dossier global regulatory expertise and new product development and  R & D based on finding and utilizing synergy effects present in botanical extracts.

Contact Dr. John Wilkinson Dr. Wilkinson is an ex-academic pharmacognosist and natural product chemist has over 25 years of regulatory expertise. He undertook his PhD in Organic Chemistry at Imperial College, London and was then awarded and SEC NATO post-doctoral fellowship and undertook research with the Nobel prizewinner George Olah in LA, California, USA before his academic career took off. A passion for entrepreneurial business approaches and science led to a successful series of businesses, patents, equity finance offers and his eventual role leading and running a successful "boutique" consultancy practice in regulatory affairs and new product development.

About Dr. John Wilkinson Consultancy
Dr. John Wilkinson


Dr John Wilkinson BSC DIC PhD, Consultant Pharmacognosist, Phytochemist and Organic Chemist.
Specialist in the Regulatory Approvals of Natural Products especially Novel Foods, Food Supplements, Health, Nutritional and Medicinal Claims, Herbal Medicines and Dietary Supplements.

Contact Dr John Wilkinson Consultancy
Contact Dr John Wilkinson Consultancy

We help companies obtain regulatory approval in the USA, EU and other territories, supported by scientific studies & traditional knowledge.

We continue to be innovative and develop new ways of obtaining regulatory approval (e.g. our pioneering work on getting exotic novel foods approved in the EU. (E.g., see our work on Baobab fruit from South Africa).